Ginoong Kabayan 2017 in Creative Wear



GK2017 in Creative Wear

The fifteen candidates of the Ginoong Kabayan 2017 by Upline Media are expected to ramp in their chosen creative outfit this coming Saturday, July 22 at Star Metro in Dubai.

This is part of the Judging criteria for this pageant where candidates are judged according to creativity, bearing of attire, stage presence and audience impact.  

What’s exciting in the segment is the unique, stylish or classy or futuristic imagination of their designers and how contestants are able to bring out the best in their get up.

Of course, a little part from the spectators and fans will contribute to position them by an audience impact points.

Also launched at the affair is the selection of the best in Swim Wear trunks. How it will be judged is based on their projection and physical factors such as face and figure; poise, posture and carriage, proper fit and the overall presentation. 

Watch the candidates as they glamourize, stun, add style and sophistication to their natural self on stage. 

Ginoong Kabayan 2017 Season 2 is an endeavor of Upline Media Management affiliated with Mister Philippines bringing candidates to a higher level.  

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